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Thailand has been influenced by contact with foreign cultures, but the ever-changing spirit of Thai culture has remained dominant, even in modern city life. Culture enthusiasts will enjoy the lively arts and ruins of ancient cities. All travelers will appreciate the tradition of friendliness, hospitality to strangers, as well as one of the world's most exciting cuisines.

Thailand has numerous and various attractions that you cannot possible see them all in one visit, from trekking in the north's picturesque mountains to chilling out on one of the exotic islands in the south. In Bangkok, you can ride long-tail boats along the myriad of canals, visit ornate temples, join the crowd at a   Muay Thai    matches or shop in one of the many markets or malls.

If you looking for a sporting vacation- golf, scuba diving and yachting, Thailand is also a good place to visit. You will be spoilt for choice when planning a vacation in Thailand.

Visit Thailand - the land of Smiles. You will discover an unforgettable experience and amazing Thailand.

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